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Item Photo Description
10623t.jpgRestaurant Pedestal Sign with Eight Different Signs Included
Measurement: 5'H
Section: 7-D
15341t.jpgImperia Model ISP J-W13 Natural Gas Wok Cooker with Wok, 45,000 BTU
Measurement: 39"H
Section: 1-C
15601t.jpg(6) Fold-Out Closed Floor Sign in Spanish/English
Condition: New
Section: 2-D
10012t.jpg(2) Lighted Change-It Signs, Include Hundreds of Letters of Various Sizes
Measurement: Signs- 36"W x 22"H
Section: 3-C
17458t.jpg(2) Aluminum Floor Stands from a Restaurant
Measurement: One- 4'W x 2'D x 1'H, One- 22"W x 17 1/2"D x 8"H
Section: OUTSIDE
17472t.jpg(2) Aluminum Floor Stands from Restaurant
Measurement: One- 3'W x 2'D x 1'H, One- 4'W x 2'D x 1'H
Section: OUTSIDE
14140t.jpgStainless Steel Four Basin Sink
Measurement: 84"W x 24"D x 18"H at Back
Condition: Some Wear
Section: OUTSIDE
14145t.jpgHerman Miller Walls for Office Walls or for Deer Blinds, Has the Connection Assembly
Measurement: Up to 61" x 48" Sections
Condition: Rusty and Will Need Cleaning
Section: OUTSIDE
16670t.jpgMinuteman E20 and Minuteman 200 Commercial Floor Cleaners with (2) Chargers and a Box of Attachments, Chargers and Box Located by Tool Bench
Section: OUTSIDE
18651t.jpg(2) Five-Gallon Containers of Dishwashing Soap
Section: 4-A
6699t.jpgMessage Board with Stand, Hundreds of Letters and Numbers, and Organization Case
Measurement: Board- 18" x 24"
Section: 11-B
6706t.jpg(4) Plastic Acrylic Cigarette Display Cases, All Locks Have at Least One Key
Measurement: Small- 8"W x 6"D x 10"H, Large- Approx. 8"W x 6"D x 21"H
Condition: Used, Show Wear and Tear
Section: 11-B
7049t.jpg(2) Metal Letters: N and D
Measurement: 15"H
Section: 11-A
13223t.jpg(2) Candy Machines, One Key in Office
Measurement: 15"W x 42"H
Condition: Used, Both Work Great
Section: 11-C
8549t.jpg(2) Fabric Bolt Racks
Measurement: Each- 21"W x 12"D x 65"H
Section: 13-A
12895t.jpgStainless Table
Measurement: 28"Dia x 28"H
Section: 12-B
11749t.jpgStainless Steel Rolling Cart
Measurement: 32"W x 27"D x 39 1/2"H
Condition: Good
Section: 13-B
11888t.jpgSix-Shelf Bread Rack
Measurement: 29" x 23" x 75"H
Condition: Used
Section: 12-C
11933t.jpgIndustrial Cooler/Freezer Combo with Adjustable Thermostat, Load from Either Side
Measurement: 55"W x 32"D x 40"H
Condition: Used Twice, Works Well
Note: Due to limited space, we cannot offer storage on this item, and it must be picked up during standard checkout times.
Section: 12-C
11955t.jpg(2) Old Sets of Six-Door Locker Units
Measurement: 36"W x 15"D x 60"H
Condition: Good, Usable
Note: Due to limited space, we cannot offer storage on this item, and it must be picked up during standard checkout times.
Section: 12-C
8356t.jpgChrome Four-Way Store Display with (3) Foam Heads, Two Waterfall Arms, and Two Straight Arms
Measurement: 53"H
Section: 16-B
1674t.jpg(42) Liquor Bottle Tops
Section: 14-C
9895t.jpg(11) Commercial Bathroom Tissue Dispensers, Ten are Used and One is New; (2) Soap Dispensers, Used
Condition: Good
Section: 16-B
12353t.jpg(2) Mannequins, Soft Foam and Hard
Condition: Some Water Marks on Bottom of Legs
Section: 14-A

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