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Category: MOTORCYCLES THREE WHEELERS QUADS MOPEDS SNOWMOBILES GOLF CARTS AND RELATED (42 records) August 13th (Monday) - Saginaw Road Online Consignment - EAST of Vassar - BIDDING OPENS 8/10 AND CLOSES MONDAY AUGUST 13, 2018 BEGINNING @ 6:00 P.M.
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14705t.jpgMotorcycle Pocket Watch, Includes: Chain and Clip, Great Detail in Bike
Condition: New, Never Removed from Box
Section: 10
7 28920 8.50   ended
7683t.jpgSnowmobile Parts
Section: 1-A
11 7835 13.00   ended
15360t.jpgEzip 500 with Charger
Condition: As Is
Section: 1-C
14 28285 42.00   ended
10229t.jpgChopper Mini Bike, Front Disc Brakes, Bill of Sale in Office
Condition: Runs Fine after Starting with Starting Fluid, Tires are Nice, As Is
Section: 2-C
26 24787 123.00   ended
10253t.jpgMotovox Mini Bike, Bill of Sale in Office
Condition: Only Two Years Old, Starts on First or Second Pull, Needs Sprocket, Runs Excellent
Section: 2-C
24 8589 128.00   ended
15540t.jpgAPC Mini Bike, Keys and Bill of Sale in Office
Condition: Starts and Runs, Needs Work on Chain Area, Nice Project
Section: 2-C
10 28782 42.44   ended
9975t.jpg1978 JC Penney "Pinto" Moped, Seller States Very Rare, Only Made for Two Years, Two Cycle Motor with Automatic Transmission, 1 HP, Manual and Bill of Sale in Office
Condition: Ready to Use, Add Fuel and Oil
Section: 3-C
46 20607 755.00   ended
16902t.jpg1996 Polaris Xplorer 400L 4X4 Four-Wheeler, VIN: 2515202, Title and Keys in Office
Condition: New Crank and Bearings, Piston and Rings, New Air Filter, Clutches Serviced and New Belt, New Battery, Rear Tires Go Down After a Couple of Weeks of No Use, Runs and Drives Like New
Note: Please be advised that a maximum $50 processing fee will be added to this purchase. Albrecht Auction Service will be handling your paperwork for the State of Michigan - you will NOT need to visit the Secretary of State.

Albrecht Auction Service, LLC carries a Vehicle Dealer License D-001246 and will be operating as a Broker for the sale of used vehicles. Actual person(s) whose name(s) will appear on the title will need to be present at time of transaction. At time of transaction, you will need to present your driver license.
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Stock #: 261
Section: OUTSIDE

29 28483 1,320.00   ended
17090t.jpgThree-Wheel Mud Bug with Parts, Bill of Sale in Office
Measurement: 46"W to Tires x 78"D x 30"H
Condition: New Engine, Needs Brakes and Throttle
Section: OUTSIDE
14 10697 162.55   ended
17180t.jpgRupp Go-Joe, Year Unknown, Engine and Parts Included, Bill of Sale in Office
Measurement: Approx. 48"W x 78"D
Condition: As Is
Section: OUTSIDE
21 8308 370.00   ended
17500t.jpgPolaris Scrambler 50 ATV, Keys and Bill of Sale in Office
Condition: Stored in Garage for Three Years, Needs Battery and Possibly Carb Work, Motor Has Compression, As Is
Section: OUTSIDE
21 13053 582.00   ended
17511t.jpg(2) 20x11-00-9 Tires, Cheng Shin Brand
Condition: Good, Buyer to Inspect, There are No Returns on Tires
Section: OUTSIDE
6 8596 24.75   ended
17743t.jpg40 lb. Propane Gas Tank, Mfg. Date: 2-68, Good, Some Surface Rust; Motorcycle Windshield, 18 1/2"W x 22"H; Side View Mirror Extension
Section: OUTSIDE
6 25248 13.00   ended
18090t.jpg1978 Suzuki RM80, Bill of Sale in Office
Condition: For Parts or Restoration, As Is
Section: OUTSIDE
22 28299 57.00   ended
14089t.jpgSnowmobile Sled, Connects to Snowmobile Hitch
Measurement: 26"W x 59"D
Condition: Has Wear, Wood Could be Replaced
Section: OUTSIDE
7 14504 21.50   ended
4307t.jpg(2) Motorcycle Chocks with Hold Downs
Section: 2-B
7 26380 22.00   ended
4433t.jpg(3) HD Oil Containers, 20W-50
Condition: Full
Section: 2-B
6 13010 18.00   ended
4495t.jpg(4) Quarts of Harley Davidson Synthetic Motor Oil
Condition: Three are Full
Section: 2-B
10 13010 29.00   ended
4561t.jpg1985 Kawasaki Vulcan Speedometer and Service Manual
Condition: Speedometer is New
Section: 2-B
6 29066 18.00   ended
2732t.jpgOlder Motorcycle Fender
Measurement: 25"L
Section: 4-B
7 1156 21.00   ended
3077t.jpgTCMT Motorcycle Foot Controls, Brake/Shifter
Section: 4-A
14 28299 20.00   ended
408t.jpg(3) Full Helmets: 2- Electric Shields, Size Large
Condition: Great
Section: 5-B
8 28282 34.00   ended
491t.jpgHarley Davidson Luggage Rack Bag, Price Tag Marked $90.00
Condition: Never Used
Section: 5-B
9 21316 31.26   ended
10860t.jpg(2) Large Helmets
Condition: Used
Section: 6-B
6 28990 33.00   ended
10930t.jpgMotorcycle Saddlebags
Measurement: 9 1/2"W
Condition: Appear New
Section: 6-B
14 27351 24.00   ended
11023t.jpgLarge Motorcycle Travel Bag, Many Pockets
Measurement: 24"W x 16"H
Condition: Good, No Holes
Section: 6-B
12 1578 29.30   ended
11043t.jpg(3) HJC Helmets: 2- Black, 1- LS-Airtech II
Section: 6-B
1 21374 3.00   ended
16188t.jpg(4) Dirt Bike Helmets, Size XL
Section: 7-B
8 8308 58.00   ended
16443t.jpg(2) Fulmer Helmets: Black and White
Section: 7-B
1 8308 3.00   ended
760t.jpgHarley-Davidson Clock
Measurement: 12 1/2"Dia
Section: 11-B
9 21316 27.75   ended
898t.jpg(24) Decks of Harley-Davidson Playing Cards, Two Styles
Section: 11-B
7 26497 23.66   ended
6793t.jpg(12) Harley Davidson Collectible Tins, Each with Two Decks of Harley Davidson Playing Cards
Section: 11-A
8 26497 23.00   ended
12911t.jpgWomen's Harley Davidson Leather Jacket with Roses on Back, Size WM/Medium, Harley Snaps
Condition: Very Good
Section: 11-C
12 26531 52.00   ended
12919t.jpgMen's Hudson Leather Size 50 Harley Davidson Leather Jacket
Condition: Very Good
Section: 11-C
8 28483 20.00   ended
12926t.jpgWomen's Harley Davidson Leather Vest, Size MW
Condition: Very Good, Very Nice
Section: 11-C
4 26497 15.99   ended
12930t.jpgLeather Harley Davidson Ladies Chaps, Size W/S
Condition: Very Good
Section: 11-C
6 22093 40.00   ended
12937t.jpgHarley Davidson Men's Size M Leather Chaps
Condition: Very Good
Section: 11-C
13 26531 60.50   ended
12944t.jpgBlack Leather Vest with a Metal Pin, "Harley Owners Group", Size 46, by UNIK
Condition: Like New
Section: 11-C
6 992 13.00   ended
12950t.jpgLeather Chaps by First Leather Apparel, Size 2X, Inseam 32
Section: 11-C
11 2883 21.01   ended
13184t.jpgJoe Rocket Jacket with Liner, 50" Chest
Condition: Has Scuffs on Front
Section: 11-C
8 17295 11.00   ended
13191t.jpgJoe Rocket Jacket, Size 2XL
Section: 11-C
6 28723 33.00   ended
13201t.jpgMotorcycle Leather Jacket, Size Medium or 42, with Zip Out Liner
Section: 11-C
12 21699 35.00   ended

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