Category: PEST CONTROL (3 records) October 17th (Wednesday) - Doug Martin Estate, Carsonville, MI - BIDDING OPENS 10/10 AND CLOSES WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 17, 2018 BEGINNING @ 6:00 P.M.
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1140t.jpgPest Control Items
2396t.jpg(2)-3.7 Liter Jugs of Spectracide Bug Stop; (2)-Gallon Jugs of Round Up (One Might be Half Full); (2)-32 ounce Spray Bottles of Repels-All Repellent (One Might be Half Full)
2401t.jpgNice Group with Wasp and Hornet Killer; 5-Liter Jug of Ortho Home Defense; Fly Traps; Matches and More

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