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Item Photo Description
10565t.jpg(2) Heavy Wooden Closet Louvered Doors
Measurement: 23 1/2"W x 78"H
Condition: Have Paint and Wear on Them
Section: 6-A
5502t.jpgMetal Grate
Measurement: 25 7/8" x 25 7/8"
Section: 12
5525t.jpgAll Weather Antenna Actuator
Condition: As Is
Section: 12
5579t.jpg(2) Bundles of Hardwood Stakes Used for Marking or Tomato Stakes: 12 Pieces and 15 Pieces
Measurement: 1" x 1" x 46" to 56"L
Section: 12
5612t.jpgFireplace Guard
Measurement: 55"W x 32"H
Condition: Used One Season
Section: 12
5619t.jpg(30) Composite Fence Posts
Measurement: 5'
Section: 12
5643t.jpgCarpet Tack Strip
Section: 12
5666t.jpgOld Door from Mansion in Detroit, Includes Piece to Repair Hole, Approx. 100 Years Old
Measurement: 43"W x 9'6"
Section: 12
5677t.jpgOld Door from Mansion in Detroit, Approx. 100 Years Old
Measurement: 43"W x 9'6"
Condition: Some Damage but Fixable
Section: 12
5686t.jpgWood Attic Fold-Up Ladder
Measurement: Fits 25" x 54" Opening
Condition: Solid, Good, Never Installed
Section: 12
5820t.jpgAmaizablaze Corn Stove
Measurement: 29"W x 24"D x 37 1/2"H
Condition: Works Well, Needs Cleaning
Section: 12
5914t.jpg(4) Kitchen Cabinets with 8' of Countertop, Good for Garage or Workshop
Measurement: Two- 36"W, Two- 12"W
Section: 12
5927t.jpgExpanded Metal
Measurement: 32" x 32"
Condition: NIP
Section: 13
5932t.jpgBullet Resistant Glass
Measurement: 36" x 48"
Section: 13
5964t.jpg(15) White Aluminum Eavestrough
Measurement: Each- 5" x 10', 150' Total Length
Condition: New
Section: 13
5978t.jpgGas Logs and Fireplace Screen, 24" Vented Propane, Monessen Hearth Systems, Made in USA, 50,000 Max BTU, Manual Included
Measurement: Minimum Fireplace Size- 33"W x 14"D x 16"H
Condition: Good, Used Very Little, Screen is Good
Section: 13
14253t.jpgAirco Furnace
Measurement: 56 1/2"H
Condition: Works Well
Section: 14
14494t.jpgOak Two-Drawer Vanity
Measurement: 36"W
Condition: Great, No Water Damage, Needs to be Wiped Down
Section: 14
4221t.jpg(2) Wood Stove Pipe Pieces
Measurement: 6"Dia x 1/16"Thick Tubing x 12'L
Section: OUTSIDE
4224t.jpg(2) LVL Header Boards
Measurement: One- 12"W x 2"Thick x 16'L, One- 12"W x 2"Thick x 10'L
Section: OUTSIDE
4227t.jpg(6) Old Boards, Include: Header Board, 11"W x 2 1/2"Thick x 119"L; 5- True 2" x 4" x Assorted Lengths
Section: OUTSIDE
4230t.jpg(4) Pieces of Treated 4" x 6" Lumber with (6) Smaller Pieces
Measurement: Four- Approx. 140"L
Section: OUTSIDE
4234t.jpgOld Barn Wood, Several Boards Need to be Dried out Before Using, Have Been Stored Outside
Measurement: Up to 16"W
Condition: Varies, Some Better Than Others
Section: OUTSIDE
4239t.jpg(8) Treated Lumber Pieces, 4" x 4", Shortest Board is 89"L; (10) Treated Lumber Deck Boards
Section: OUTSIDE
4409t.jpgAntique Barn Door with Window
Measurement: 35" x 74"
Section: OUTSIDE
4417t.jpgAntique Barn Door
Measurement: 36" x 83"
Section: OUTSIDE
4472t.jpg(9) Pieces of Rigid Nonmetallic Conduit, Above Ground and Underground
Measurement: Five- 1", Two- 3/4", Two- Misc.
Section: OUTSIDE
4567t.jpgRough Sawn 2"Thick Basswood
Measurement: Five- 12" x 60", One- 15" x 48"
Condition: One Piece has a Crack
Section: OUTSIDE
4571t.jpgRough and Some Planed 2"Thick Boards, Includes: (7) Red Oak and (4) Ash
Measurement: One Red Oak- 6" x 120", Two Red Oak- 4" x 48", Two Red Oak- 7" x 48", Two Red Oak- 7" x 96", One Ash- 7" x 96", Three Ash- 9" x 120"
Section: OUTSIDE
4592t.jpgGalvanized Well Pipe
Measurement: 1 1/4"Dia, 80' Total
Section: OUTSIDE
4600t.jpg(100) Fire Bricks, Can be Used Outdoor or For Indoor Stove
Measurement: 4 1/2"W x 9"D x 2 1/2"H
Condition: Used
Section: OUTSIDE
4630t.jpg(30) Treated Pine 8" x 8" Boards
Measurement: 5' to 8'L
Condition: Some are Very Rough
Section: OUTSIDE
4638t.jpgBarn Door, Made of Two 16"W Pine Boards and a 4"W Pine Board
Measurement: 36"W x 88"H
Section: OUTSIDE
4641t.jpgEight-Step Wooden Frame for Wood Steps
Section: OUTSIDE
4678t.jpg(2) Treated Treated Pine Boards, Painted Brown, 4" x 4" x 96"; (3) Treated Landscape Ties
Section: OUTSIDE
4692t.jpg12' Treated Barn Ladder
Section: OUTSIDE
4734t.jpg(9) Barn Boards
Measurement: Most are 10" and More Wide x 8' and More High
Section: OUTSIDE
4742t.jpg(10) 1"Thick Hardwood Ash and Red Oak Boards, Some Rough Sawn and Planed
Measurement: Three Ash- 9" x 120", One Red Oak- 6" x 120", Two Red Oak- 4" x 48", Two Red Oak- 7" x 48", Two Ash- 7" x 96"
Section: OUTSIDE
4747t.jpg(13) Barn Boards
Measurement: Up to 13"W and 108"H
Section: OUTSIDE
4751t.jpg(9) Barn Boards
Measurement: Up to 13"W and 108"H
Section: OUTSIDE
4781t.jpg(2) 110V Shop Lights
Measurement: 15"Dia
Section: OUTSIDE
4830t.jpg(18) Pieces of Rough Sawn Ash Lumber
Measurement: Five- 5 1/2"W x 1"Thick x 100"L, Three- 3 1/4"W x 1"Thick x 100"L, Three- 4 1/4"W x 1"Thick x 100"L, One- 5 1/2"W x 1"Thick x 80"L, One- 5 1/2"W x 1"Thick x 90"L, One- 3 1/4"W x 1"Thick x 86"L, Three- 4 1/4"W x 1"Thick x 80"L, One- 4 1/4"W x 1"Thick x 66"L
Condition: Minor Defects, Cracks and Small Knots
Section: OUTSIDE
4834t.jpg(9) Pieces of Rough Sawn Oak Lumber
Measurement: Four- 4 1/4"W x 1"Thick x 60"L to Point, Five- 4" to 6"W x 1"Thick x 55"L
Section: OUTSIDE
4838t.jpg(9) Pieces of Pine Boards, Sawn on Band Mill
Measurement: One- 7 1/2"W x 1"Thick x 100"L, Two- 5 1/2"W x 1"Thick x 87"L, One- 5 1/2"W x 1"Thick x 78"L, Four- 4 1/4"W x 1"Thick x 80"L, One- 3"W x 1"Thick x 90"L
Section: OUTSIDE
4842t.jpg(13) Pieces of Rough Sawn Pine Lumber
Measurement: 3" to 11"W x 24" to 72"L
Section: OUTSIDE
4873t.jpgTwo-Piece Pedestal Sink with Base and Wide Bowl
Condition: Great, Works
Section: OUTSIDE
4882t.jpgCast Iron Farmhouse Sink, Coated in White Enamel
Measurement: 22" x 33"
Section: OUTSIDE
4926t.jpgCounter with Sink and Faucet, Goes Over Dishwasher, 85"W, Sink and Faucet Work and Faucet Does Not Leak, No Chips in the Formica Top, No Chips in the Wood; Base Cabinets: 65"W and 61"W
Section: OUTSIDE
4943t.jpg(2) Doors with Frames
Measurement: 32" x 80"H
Condition: Newer
Section: OUTSIDE
4955t.jpg(11) Boards of Poplar Lumber, Over 70 Board Feet, One Board Planed to Show Wood Grain
Measurement: Up to 10 1/2"W, Over 100"L, 1 5/16"Thick
Condition: Very Nice, Air Dried for Three Years
Section: OUTSIDE

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