Category: MANURE LIVESTOCK EQUIPMENT AND CALVES (7 records) October 10th (Wednesday) - STATEWIDE Farm/Construction/Municipality EQUIPMENT Online Auction - BIDDING OPENS 10/4 AND CLOSES WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 10TH BEGINNING @ 7:00 P.M.
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Item Photo Description
99t.jpg2007 Houle 7300 Gallon Manure Tanker, 4-Tires are 70%, New Pump Impeller April of 2018, Rebuilt Undercarriage in 2015, Roof is Getting Thin
150t.jpgFreestalls 2", Bought New from Sikkema's Equipment, Has a Double Pipe in Top Where Neck Rail Goes, Approx. (70) Stalls
298t.jpgMueller Accu-Therm Plate Heat Exchanger, Stopped Milking Cows in January
300t.jpgBoumatic Air Star Vacuum Lobe Pump with Choice of 7.5 HP Single-Phase or 10 HP 3-Phase Electric Motor, Goes with an Exhaust and Any Other Parts You Need, Stopped Milking Cows in January
302t.jpgSemen Tank, Empty, No Leaks
162t.jpgGroup of (5) Holstein Bull Calves, Ten Weeks Old, Have been Vaccinated at Five Weeks of Age, Bottle Fed for Eight Weeks, Fed Colostrum for First Week
478t.jpgMiscellaneous Calf Feeding Supplies, Approx. (38) Double Pail Holders, (10) Single Pail Holders, (110) Two-Gallon Pails, (9) Bottles and Holders

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