Category: TILLAGE (18 records) October 10th (Wednesday) - STATEWIDE Farm/Construction/Municipality EQUIPMENT Online Auction - BIDDING OPENS 10/4 AND CLOSES WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 10TH BEGINNING @ 7:00 P.M.
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Item Photo Description
124t.jpg2009 Woods 20' Stalk Chopper, Original Knives, Less than 1000 Acres, Very Good Condition
388t.jpgBrillion 7-Shank Subsoiler / Ripper
33t.jpgJohn Deere 510 5-Shank Disc Ripper, 30" Spacing with Midwest Leveler, Good Condition
27t.jpgLandoll 1200 SoilMaster II 11-Leg Coulter Chisel Plow. Long Frame so it will Pass a Lot of Trash Through it. Less than 200 Acres on the Front Blades and Bearings. Shovels are 4 Twists at Approximately 50% (Some have been Flipped Already). The Bushings in the Shanks are in Good Condition. Has a 7-Tooth Coil Tine Leveler on the Back (One of the Tines on the Leveler is Currently Broken). Tires are Good. Has 2- Newer John Deere Depth Control Cylinders on it. Tongue is Not Bent. Works Really Well.
135t.jpgJohn Deere 2700 6-Bottom Toggle Trip Plow, Variable Width Cut
385t.jpgM&W 5000 Dyna Drive. 16' Long
50t.jpgJohn Deere 714 11-Shank Mulch Tiller with Vari Depth Disc Control, Good Blades, Has Extra Set of Twisted Shovels
71t.jpgJohn Deere 980 Field Cultivator, 26' 5-Bar Spike Single Point Depth Control
114t.jpgCase 8300 7-18" Bottom Plow, Automatic Hydraulic Reset on Land Hitch, Adjustable Width
75t.jpgKillbros 28' 5-Bar Spike Field Cultivator
218t.jpgInternational 475 16' Disk, 20" Average Blade Size, Works Well
304t.jpgInternational 7-Bottom Plow, Needs Tires and 3-Point Hitch, Seller will Load it on a Trailer for Buyer
345t.jpgJohn Deere 220 8-Row High Speed Stalk Chopper, Completely Redone Three Years Ago by Baders and Was Used Only One Year After That
289t.jpgJohn Deere 11-Shank Chisel Plow, Have the Two Shanks to Make it Back into a 13-Shank, All New 4" Twist Teeth, Field Ready, (Hydraulic Cylinder in Picture NOT Included)
407t.jpgBrady 28' Field Cultivator, Could Easily be Made into 24', Fair to Good Condition
400t.jpgDMI 730 7-Shank Ripper with Lead Shanks, Less than 600 Acres on Discs and 200 Acres on Points, Spike Leveler NOT Included, Missing Two Leveler Discs on Back
446t.jpgAllis Chalmers 2-Bottom Plow
507t.jpgPM Company 12' Offset Disk, 22" Blades

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