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Item Photo Description
1163t.jpgMassey-Ferguson 15' Drill Planter, Used Fall of 2017 to Plant Wheat
37t.jpgFast 7400 Pull-Type Sprayer, 90' Booms, 3-Section Shut-Offs, Raven Sprayer Controls, 320/90R46 Tires
1003t.jpgJohn Deere 1780 16-22" Row Hydraulic Drive Planter with Unit Mounted 2x2 Liquid Fertilizer, 1.6 Bushel Hoppers, Greenstar Brown Box Monitor, Nice Planter
44t.jpgAnhydrous Applicator, 12-30" Row, Hiniker Monitor and Regulator
1t.jpgSteel 25,000-Gallon Fertilizer Tank, New in October 2012, Only Used Three Years, Extra Heavy Gauge Bottom, 2" Stainless Steel Valve, Locking Sight Gauge, Lifting Eyelets on Top, Manhole Access, 12' x 30', Inside has been Coated with Protectant, No Loading Crane Provided - Contact D/S Services in Cass City for Crane Services, Seven Miles Away @ 989.872.3318, Buyer's Responsibility to Dismantle and Remove Off Premises by July 31, 2018
1148t.jpgDemco 500-Gallon Saddle Tanks with Pump and All the Plumbing, Mounting Brackets for John Deere 8000 Series
48t.jpg2500-Gallon Vertical Liquid Storage Tank, 2" Fill and Valve, Always Housed
53t.jpgAssembled Dry Fertilizer Applicator, Elk Creek 500SS Caddie with 18,000 lb. Hitch Capacity, Salford 6-Ton Fertilizer Tank with Hydraulic Drive, Case International Harvester 5300 36' Toolbar with Dry Fertilizer Knives on Shanks, Can be Set for any Spacing, Used Three Years, Changing Fertilizer Program, Have $90,000 Invested, (Date is wrong on the photos - pictures were taken January 2017)
893t.jpgWhite 8700 Planter, 16-22" Rows, Mounted on Elk Creek Welding Implement Caddy Rated at 450 HP, Seed Discs have 700 Acres, Planter has Seed Firmers, Sunco Row Cleaners, Sunco Fertilizer Openers that have been used One Year and are not Currently Mounted, PTO Pump, (2) John Blue Ground Driven Fertilizer Pumps and Other Fertilizer Parts, Planter can be Pulled by a 2WD Tractor over 100 HP, Pulls Very Easy, Very Good Condition, Field Ready
842t.jpg2000 RoGator 854 Self-Propelled Sprayer, 132' Boom (Can Adapt to 118' and 90'), 1000-Gallon Tank, 6353 Hours on Sprayer, 521 Hours on New Engine, Comes with (2) Sets of 320/90R54 Tires and 380/90R46
1119t.jpg10,000-Gallon Aluminum Tank, Was Used for Water for Years, 2" Bung and Sight Gauge
350t.jpgDemco 200-Gallon ATV Trailer Sprayer, 30' Boom with Pump and Hand Controls
31t.jpgJohn Deere 1780 Vacuum Planter, 24-20" Row, MaxEmerge Plus Units, Mechanical Driven, Spring Down Pressure, Seed Disks and Scrapers Two Years Old, Unit Mounted Wavy Coulters
6t.jpgSteel 11,000-Gallon Fertilizer Tank, 2" Stainless Steel Valve, Locking Site Gauge, Lifting Eyelets on Top, Top Manhole Access, 10' x 17', Inside has been Coated with Protectant, No Loading Crane Provided - Contact D/S Services in Cass City for Crane Services, Seven Miles Away @ 989.872.3318, Buyer's Responsibility to Dismantle and Remove Off Premises by July 31, 2018
924t.jpgHardi TR500 Sprayer, 42' Booms, 3-Zone Control, Self-Leveling Boom, 3-Nozzle Selection, Worked Well when Last Used Two Years Ago
723t.jpg2014 Case International Harvester 1245 24-20" Row Planter, 40' Long, Pivot Transport, Pro 700 Touchscreen Display, Variable Rate Seeding Capability, 36-Gallon per Minute PTO Pump, Sunco Single Wheel Cleaners, Comes with 3-Sets of Seed Plates (Corn, Soybeans, and Dry Beans), One Owner. Light Use!
199t.jpg(2) 300-Gallon Tanks with Saddle, Nice Condition
958t.jpgHardy Sprayer 90' Hydraulic Fold, Self Levelling, Triple Nozzles, Foam Markers, 450 Raven Controls, 800-Gallon Tank
200t.jpg(18) Yetter Floating Row Cleaners with Fertilizer Disc Injectors, Good Condition
201t.jpg(12) Yetter Floating Row Cleaners with Fertilizer Disc Injectors, Good Condition
637t.jpg(2) Agri Products 200-Gallon Tanks with Frame to Mount to Planter, Was Used on Case 1245 Planter, Approximately Two Years Old
987t.jpgHiniker 6000 12-28" Row Anhydrous Band Sprayer, Rolling Shields, Sweeps, Cutaway Discs, Always Housed, Very Nice
821t.jpg(36) Yetter 2967 Narrow Row Residue Managers, Screw Adjustable, Low Acres
953t.jpgAllis-Chalmers 770 4-Row Planter, Monitor, Corn and Bean Seed Plates, Excellent Condition
823t.jpg(36) Yetter 2968 Unit Mount in Between Fertilizer Openers, Single Disc, Low Acres
1031t.jpg(2) Case International Harvester 5100 Soybean Specials Pulled in Tandem, 21 Hole x 7" Spacing, Double Disc Openers and Press Wheels, Works Great for Soybeans and Wheat, Has Bin Level Sensors on the Planter and Shaft Track Sensors, Holds 60 Bushels of Seed with 24' Planting Width, Just Bought Bigger Planter, Always Housed, Field Ready
982t.jpgFast 90' Z-Fold Spray Boom, 3-Point Hitch, Tips NOT Included
1144t.jpgFast 84' Spray Boom, 3-Point Hitch, 20" Nozzle Spacing
627t.jpgAgri Products 300-Gallon Tank with Frame to Mount to Tractor, Approximately Two Years Old
652t.jpgHiniker Servo Valve with (2) Twelve Port Distributors, (2) TeeJet Valves, Flow Valve, Electrical Line (Over 50') and Miscellaneous 2" - 1 1/2" - 1" Hoses, Hiniker Monitor, GPS Flow Valve, GPS Speed Sensor
969t.jpgDemco 500-Gallon Spray Tanks with Plumbing and Hydraulic Pump, Bracket was on 50 Series John Deere
646t.jpg(2) ACE 150 Series Hydraulic Pumps with Hoses
826t.jpg(32) John Deere 15" Unit Mount 20 Wave Coulters
878t.jpg(24) Row Cleaners for Planter, Screw Adjustable
356t.jpg23-Rows Electric Shut Offs with AG Leader Planter Module and all the Wiring Harness (Off Kinze Planter)
643t.jpg(24) Sunco NutriMate 3 Fertilizer Attachments with Brackets, Was Mounted on Case 1245 Planter
531t.jpgAgco White / Massey Ferguson 9000 Series Planter, Hydraulic Drive System. New Parts Include Blower Fans, Hydraulic Drive Motor, All Chains, Sprockets, and Seed Drives, Complete Wire Harness, Hex Shafts, Oil Coolers, Seed Tubes, and Much More, All Parts are New, Never Used for a 24-20" Row Planter! Complete Parts List is Available if Desired!

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