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Category: ELECTRONICS CAMERAS OFFICE EQUIPMENT AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS (137 records) July 9th (Monday) - M-15 Online Consignment - SOUTH of Vassar - BIDDING OPENS 6/29 AND CLOSES MONDAY JULY 9, 2018 BEGINNING @ 6:00 P.M.
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11495t.jpgComputer Desk
Measurement: 31"W x 19 1/2"D x 68"H
Condition: Some Fading and Wear
Note: Due to limited space, we cannot offer storage on this item, and it must be picked up during standard checkout times.
Section: 6-A
4 11538 8.50   ended
11711t.jpgWood Stereo Cabinet with a Magnetic Glass Door on Rollers, Three Shelves, and One Roll-Out Shelf
Measurement: 19"W x 16"D x 36"H
Condition: Nice
Section: 6-A
1 4998 3.00   ended
3723t.jpgBluetooth Headset, New; Pedometer, Never Used
Section: 4-C
8 5440 8.52   ended
1598t.jpg4/4 Size Cello Bow, Top Level Horsehair, Warm Tone
Condition: Like New
Section: 4-C
9 28210 22.00   ended
1688t.jpgKey J-38 Telegraph Signaler
Condition: Like New
Section: 4-C
9 12380 42.00   ended
1744t.jpg(18) Original Nintendo Games, Includes The Legend of Zelda
Section: 4-C
9 20738 52.00   ended
1764t.jpg(4) Sets of Elvis Trading Cards from 1978 and (250) Additional Single Cards
Section: 4-C
10 16269 16.00   ended
2564t.jpg(5) Nintendo 64 Games, Include: Castlevania and Pokemon Snap
Section: 4-C
8 19017 21.00   ended
2577t.jpg(3) Original Nintendo Games, Include: Super Mario 3, Widget, and Snake Rattle and Roll with Instructions
Section: 4-C
14 27533 52.00   ended
2591t.jpg(6) Gameboy Advance Games, Include: Super Mario 3, Lego Star Wars, Metroid, Shrek, Pet Resort, and Hotsec; Nintendo DS Game; Gameboy Case and System, As Is
Section: 4-C
9 19017 27.09   ended
2608t.jpgiPod Dock, Old Style Connection, Pre-4th Generation
Condition: New
Section: 4-C
2 20321 3.50   ended
12483t.jpgCustom AK-47 Electric Guitar, Custom Built, Semi-Automatic Hungarian AMD65, Features a Solid Hardwood Shoulder Stock, Polymer Pistol Grip, Tapco Trigger, New Receivers with a Black Finish, Chambered for 7.62x39mm Rounds, and a Permanently Attached Stamped Metal 20-Round Banana Clip Magazine, No Longer a Functioning Weapon, Firing Mechanism and Barrel Removed and Replaced with a Mighty Mite Telecaster Neck, Seymour Duncan Pickup, TonePros Bridge, Ernie Ball Strings, and a Nobease Volume Control, Gun Does Not Fire but Pulling the Trigger Acts as a Wah Pedal, There will be a $5 processing fee assessed for this firearm. NICS Background Check is Required Unless Concealed Weapons Permit is Shown at time of Pick-Up. FIREARM TRANSPORT LAWS: Federal and State Law Require that Firearms MUST BE Trigger-Locked or other Device Designed to Disable a Firearm and Prevent the Discharge of a Firearm OR in a Gun Case or Storage Container that can be Secured to Prevent Unauthorized Access to the Firearm when Being Transported. Please bring either a trigger lock or a secure gun case for each gun that you purchase. PayPal cannot be accepted for this item. Please call ahead to verify that a staff member will be available to assist you with the gun purchase.
Note: Lead Photo is a Stock Photo Showing what the Item Looks Like
Trans. #: 1762
Section: 4-C
14 12557 168.00   ended
4296t.jpgNikon D5000 Digital Camera with a Nikon DX 18-55mm Lens, Camera Bag, Camera Cords, Battery Charger, and (2) Batteries, Comes with Camera Manual and Lens Manual
Condition: Works Well
Section: 4-C
24 19867 156.10   ended
4311t.jpgOld Yacht Shaped Radio, Very Detailed
Measurement: 12"L
Condition: Works Great
Section: 4-C
16 12080 34.76   ended
4405t.jpgSquier Parlor Guitar, Not Full Size
Condition: Like New
Section: 4-C
10 7002 20.00   ended
4456t.jpgWood AXL Electric Guitar, Right Handed but Seems to be Strung for Left Handed Player, Wood Seems to be Maple and There are Black Accents
Condition: Very Nice, Works
Section: 4-C
23 27077 41.00   ended
6958t.jpgGeneral Electric Record Player
Measurement: 13"W
Condition: Needs Cleaning, Has Wear
Section: 3-F
3 21078 4.02   ended
7478t.jpg1980s Tiger Electronics Tournament 2000 Video Game System
Condition: Unknown, As Is
Section: 3-G
5 19017 9.09   ended
9516t.jpg1977 "Elvis The Legend Lives On" Book
Section: 3-C
3 24925 4.00   ended
16380t.jpgViolin, Bow, and Case
Condition: Needs Work, As Is
Section: 3-C
10 28210 47.55   ended
16409t.jpg(6) Vinyl Albums and a 45, Including: Gary Lewis and the Playboys, Dave Clark Five, and Herb Alpert
Condition: All are Good
Section: 3-C
3 7152 5.35   ended
16526t.jpg(15) Piano Rolls
Section: 3-C
1 9671 3.00   ended
19473t.jpg(5) Original 1997 Batman and Robin Movie Posters, Starred Arnold Schwarzenegger, George Clooney, and Chris O'Donnell
Measurement: 27" x 40"
Section: 3-F
2 15766 3.50   ended
16731t.jpgOld Bell Phone
Section: 3-F
17 28728 29.00   ended
15098t.jpgAV Cart with Electric Bar
Measurement: Overall- 18"W x 27"D x 38"H
Condition: Stand is Crooked
Section: 13
3 28282 5.29   ended
15270t.jpgSaturn Telescope, Model 114EQ
Measurement: Tube- 33 1/4"L
Section: 12
16 1014 43.50   ended
15317t.jpg(4) Black Rolling Desk Chairs
Measurement: Seats- 18" to 21"W
Condition: Has a Few Small Holes in Seat
Note: Due to limited space, we cannot offer storage on this item, and it must be picked up during standard checkout times.
Section: 12
5 16578 14.50   ended
15509t.jpg(4) Filing Cabinets or Garage Cabinets
Measurement: Smallest- 15" x 20" x 28", Largest- 42"W x 18"D x 64 1/2"H
Condition: Used
Note: Due to limited space, we cannot offer storage on this item, and it must be picked up during standard checkout times.
Section: 14
9 4875 18.00   ended
15571t.jpgThree-Drawer Lateral File Cabinet with Key
Measurement: 42"W x 19 1/4"D x 40 3/4"H
Note: Due to limited space, we cannot offer storage on this item, and it must be picked up during standard checkout times.
Section: 14
7 17107 27.00   ended
19231t.jpgGirls 20" Bike; File Cabinet, 15"W x 27"D x 27"H, No Key; Rolling Chair
Section: OUTSIDE
4 25350 5.50   ended
9769t.jpgPC Pocket Reference Guide
Section: 11
14727t.jpg(2) Wall Mounted TV Stands with DVD Brackets
Section: 8
3 19425 4.50   ended
19568t.jpgOlder DeJur Grundig Reel-to-Reel Player and a Pair of 1980s Sony Stereo Speakers
Section: 7
14146t.jpgBrookstone Tranquil Moments Sleep Sounds/Radio/Alarm Clock, Has 12 Soothing Sound Programs to Help you Sleep, Relax, and Renew with a 30, 60, or 90 Minute Sleep Timer
Measurement: 7" x 9"
Condition: Near Perfect, Works
Section: 7
5 19425 15.00   ended
14151t.jpgCanon Mp18D Adding Machine
Condition: Used, Works
Section: 7
4 27140 4.50   ended
14157t.jpgSherwood Receiver
Condition: Works Great
Section: 7
8 1862 21.00   ended
14165t.jpg(6) Sony Speakers
Measurement: Smaller- 4 1/2"H
Condition: Work
Section: 7
2 11606 3.50   ended
14196t.jpgMagnavox 20" TV with DVD/VHS
Section: 7
16 15175 27.00   ended
14225t.jpg3M Projector, Model 9200
Condition: Works
Section: 7
11 27140 27.00   ended
14238t.jpgPolk Audio Three-Piece Speaker Set
Measurement: Largest- 18"W
Condition: Work Great
Section: 7
3 25562 16.00   ended
14274t.jpgSoft Sided Electric Guitar Carrying Case
Measurement: 17"W x 42"H
Condition: Like New
Section: 7
4 20832 6.50   ended
14287t.jpgPioneer Speakers
Section: 7
11 25562 23.00   ended
14294t.jpg(2) Battery Powered 1980s Boomboxes: 1- Panasonic, 1- Sears & Roebuck, Work; Power Cord, Fits Both Boom Boxes
Section: 7
11 28230 34.00   ended
14306t.jpgOver (100) 78 RPM Records
Condition: Used
Section: 7
4 21528 13.00   ended
14316t.jpgGarrard Turntable, Plays 33, 45, and 78 RPM Records, Includes an Adapter for 45s on the Side in Drawer, and Stereo Headphones
Condition: Plays Well
Section: 7
17 16269 21.56   ended
14333t.jpgPortable Crate Guitar Amplifier, GLX15, Electric or Acoustic, Has a Built-In Handle and a Tuner on Top
Condition: Works
Section: 7
10 5299 17.00   ended
14374t.jpgAdjustable Padded Seat, Use for Keyboard, Shooting Bench, and More
Section: 7
6 1022 11.00   ended
14382t.jpgPBS DVD Gold Jazz Set Series by Ken Burns
Condition: Excellent, No Scratches, Like New
Section: 7
3 2792 6.49   ended
14388t.jpgAudioSource Model SS One Series II Surround Sound Processor, Features Audio Effects for Your Home Entertainment System
Measurement: 16 1/2"W x 9"D x 2 1/2"H
Condition: Near Perfect, Works
Section: 7
2 15175 4.00   ended
14435t.jpgRadio/Record Player
Condition: Works
Section: 7
11 25720 16.00   ended

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