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Item Photo Description
280t.jpgColt .45ACP Gold Cup Trophy Model 1911, with (2) Magazines, Serial No. GCT079xx
Trans. #: 1952
298t.jpgRuger .22 Semi-Auto MK II, with (5) Ten-Round Magazines and Fiber Optic Sights and Originals, Mag Assist Tool, Serial No. 19437xx
Note: Matches Lot 201
Trans. #: 1953
317t.jpgRuger LCP .380 with (3) Magazines, Serial No. 375-373xx
Condition: Some Carry Wear on Gun, Seller States Has Been Shot Approx.. 300 Times
Trans. #: 1954
413t.jpgDouble Tap .45ACP Derringer, Very Light, Very Flat, Hard Hitting, Modern Derringer
Condition: New In Box
Trans. #: 1959
429t.jpgNorth American Arms .22LR Combo Sidewinder, 22-Mag, Seller States it is Small, Light, and Handy
Trans. #: 1960
441t.jpgDiamondback .380ACP Pocket Pistol Model DB-380, Seller States it is Small, Flat, and Light
Trans. #: 1961
457t.jpgSpringfield Armory XD-Sub Compact .40 S&W, with Extended 13-Round Magazine, Seller States Easy to Carry and Full Power For a Compact Gun
Trans. #: 1962
475t.jpgJimenez .22LR Model J.A.22 Pocket Pistol, Made in USA, Seller States it is Very Small, Light, and Handy
Trans. #: 1963
490t.jpgTaurus .380ACP Pocket Pistol, Model TCP, with External Key Lock System, (2) Magazines, and Belt Pouch
Trans. #: 1964
505t.jpgSkyy Industries 9mm Model CPX-1, 10-Round Capacity, American Made, Seller Sates it is a Very Light Carry Gun
Condition: Slight Surface Wear
Trans. #: 1965
522t.jpgSterling Arms .380ACP Double Action MK II 400, Steel Frame, Wood Grips, Made in USA
Condition: Surface Wear and Rust
Trans. #: 1966
540t.jpgJennings .22LR Model J-22 Pocket Gun, Nickel Plated, Faux Ivory Grips, Made in USA
Condition: Used
Trans. #: 1967
555t.jpgDavis .380ACP Model P-380, Made in USA, Seller States it is Easily Concealed and it is a Solid Little Carry Gun
Condition: Used, Shows Wear
Trans. #: 1968
572t.jpgBurgo .22-Short Snubbed, Loads Like a Single Action, Fires in Double Action, Made In Germany, Seller States it is a Well Made Collectible
Condition: Used
Trans. #: 1969
588t.jpgIver Johnson .38 Snubbed, American Made, Seller States it is a Classic Pre War Snubbed and is Fully Functional, Has a Low Serial No.
Condition: Used, Needs Some Work
Trans. #: 1970
606t.jpgCobra .380ACP Model CA-380, Made in USA, Seller States it is Small, Light, and Handy
Condition: Has Some Writing on it
Trans. #: 1971
620t.jpgSterling Arms .25ACP Model Stainless
Condition: Used, Grips Appear to Have Been Repaired
Trans. #: 1972
634t.jpgGlock .40S&W Model 22, With (2) Magazines and Hard Case, Full Size
Trans. #: 1973
651t.jpgJennings 9mm Model 9, Has a 4" Barrel, Made in USA, Seller States it is a Solid Gun
Condition: Surface Wear
Trans. #: 1974
668t.jpgCharter Arms Undercover .38-Special, Five-Shot Snubbed, Made in USA, Seller States it is Light Weight
Condition: Shows Wear, Some Rust
Trans. #: 1975
684t.jpgHarrington & Richardson Double Action .38S&W, Six-Shot, Nickel Plated
Condition: Barrel Freely Spins
Trans. #: 1976
705t.jpgRegent .22Cal Double Action Hand Gun, Eight-Shot, 4" Barrel, Made in USA
Condition: Shows Wear
Trans. #: 1977
722t.jpgBeretta .25ACP Model 950, Nickel Plated, Classic Tip Up Barrel, USA Manufacturing
Trans. #: 1978
737t.jpgRaven Arms .25ACP Model MP-25, Wood Grips, Made in USA, Seller States it is Light, Small, and Handy
Trans. #: 1979
752t.jpgHi-Point 9mm Model C9, Made in USA, Seller States it is Very Reliable and Has a Lifetime Warranty
Condition: Writing on Barrel, Surface Wear
Trans. #: 1980
2185t.jpgRuger Redhawk .44 Magnum With Scope
Condition: Works, Seller States The Gun Does Not Have Much Use
Trans. #: 1993
2208t.jpgRuger Semi-Auto 9mm with (2) Clips, With Box
Condition: Works
Trans. #: 1994

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