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Item Photo Description
2743t.jpgFenton Glass Vase, Signed by Artist, 8"H; Small Iridescent Blue Glass Fish
Condition: Very Nice
Section: 5-B
2755t.jpgOld Sugar Bowl with Lid, Pat. Date 7/20/20, Made in USA
Measurement: 3 1/2"H
Section: 3-F
2778t.jpgHeisey Signed Cream and Sugar
Measurement: Smallest- 2"H
Condition: Good
Section: 3-F
2797t.jpgPink Depression Shot Glass
Measurement: 2"H
Section: 3-F
2801t.jpgCeramic Tabletop Christmas Tree
Measurement: 20"H
Condition: All Lights Intact, Inside Light Works, No Chips or Cracks
Section: 3-F
2807t.jpgWhite Casserole Dish Trimmed with Green, Blue, Yellow, and Orange Flowers, Marked "Bake Oven" on Bottom
Measurement: 8"Dia x 5"H
Condition: Good
Section: 3-F
2813t.jpgWhite Danbury Mint Vase with Robins, Marked Germany
Measurement: 5 1/2"Dia x 11"H
Condition: Very Good
Section: 3-F
2819t.jpgWhite Franklin Porcelain Vase with Colorful Birds, Dated 1981
Measurement: 6"Dia x 11"H
Condition: Very Good
Section: 3-F
2826t.jpgBanana Wall Pocket, 6"W x 6"H; White Swan, 6"W x 4 1/2"H, Has Crazing
Condition: Both Very Good
Section: 3-F
2834t.jpgPottery Guild Cookie Jar
Measurement: 8"Dia x 7"H
Condition: Very Good, Crazing in Glaze
Section: 3-F
2840t.jpgUnique Covered Candy Dish Shaped Like a Head of Lettuce or Cabbage
Measurement: Approx. 6 3/4" x 3 1/4"
Condition: Very Good
Section: 3-F
2844t.jpgDepartment 56 Cherry Teapot
Measurement: 7"Dia x 8"H
Condition: No Chips, Very Good
Section: 3-F
2851t.jpgCrest-O-Gold Warranted 22K Dishware, Includes: (3) Plates, 9 1/4"Dia; (4) Salad/Bread Plates; (4) Saucers; Cup
Condition: Good, Very Light Wear, One Tiny Chip Noted
Section: 3-F
2861t.jpg(3) Hummels, Include: "Dearly Beloved" Frame from 1971, Hum 2178/A, 5"W x 7"H; "Message of Love" Plate, Limited Edition 1975, 8"Dia; "Apple Tree Boy and Girl" Plate, Little Companions from Danbury Mint, Plate No. LS8653, 8"Dia
Section: 3-F
2872t.jpgRetro Candy/Snack Jar Set: Three Stackable Bowls, 4"Dia x 10"H; Single Jar, 3 1/2"Dia x 8"H
Condition: No Chips or Cracks, Light Tarnish on Gold Areas, Some Slight Discoloration of White Areas
Section: 3-F
2882t.jpg(9) Large Dining Plates, Made in Italy by Over and Back Inc., Seller States Very High Quality
Measurement: 12 1/2"Dia
Condition: Used One Time for an Event, No Chips or Scratches, Excellent
Section: 3-F
2896t.jpg(14) Pieces, Include: Christmas Plate, Mothers Day Reflections, Grandma's Courting Dress, The Ship Builder, Dreaming in the Attic, Room that Light Made, After the Party, B&G Christmas 1972, 1997, 1998, and 1976, Mothers Day 1972, Avon Betsy Ross, and Christmas on the Farm 1992
Section: 3-F
2910t.jpgPoppytrail by Metlox Ironstone Dinnerware, Includes: (8) Dinner Plates, 10"Dia; (14) Salad Plates; (10) Bread Plates; (7) Bowls; (10) Cups; (11) Saucers; Sugar and Creamer; Condiment Server; (3) Sets of Salt and Pepper Shakers with Plugs; Serving Bowl; Platter, 13 1/2" x 10 1/4"; Candle Holder
Condition: Very Nice, Two Chips Noted Overall
Section: 3-F
2922t.jpg(10) Collectors Plates, Include: Couple Commitment, Room that Light Made, Family's Full Measure, Dreaming in the Attic, The Ship Builder, Grandma's Courting Dress, Reflection, After the Party, Mother's Heart, and Faith
Section: 3-F
2936t.jpgDish Set from Gander Mountain
Condition: Great
Section: 3-F
2944t.jpgHome and Garden Dishes, Include: Large Pitcher with Bowl, Bean Pot, (2) Small Covered Bowls, Small Bowl Without Lid, (8) Mugs, and a Candle, Excellent; (6) Blue Stripe Valances, 57"W x 14"D
Section: 3-F
2954t.jpgSet of Fraureuth Germany Dishes
Section: 3-F
2966t.jpgKromex Lazy Susan in Original Box
Measurement: 14"W
Condition: Good, Used, Small Manufacturers Defect on Bottom of One Side Dish
Section: 3-F
2984t.jpgInternational China Co. Marmalade Pattern Dinnerware, Made in Japan, Includes: (3) Dinner Plates; (5) Salad Plates; (5) Dessert Plates; Serving Platter, 15"; Sugar Bowl, Butter Dish, and Gravy Pitcher; (4) Bowls; (8) Cups; (2) Large Countertop Containers; Large Pitcher
Section: 3-F
2993t.jpg(12) Cup and Saucer Sets and a Demi Set, Include: Antique Royal Sutherland, Royal Albert, Shafford, Grosvenor, and More
Condition: All Very Good
Section: 3-F
3004t.jpgPink Pressed Glass Candy Dish
Measurement: 6"Dia x 6"H
Section: 3-F
3009t.jpgTiffin Oval Vase with Removable Flower Frog
Measurement: 10 3/4" x 6" x 6 1/4"
Condition: Couple of Chips on Inner Bottom of Frog, Nice
Section: 3-F
3016t.jpg(44) Porcelain Collector Plates, Include: Russian Legends, Hibel, Wildlife, and More
Section: 3-F
3027t.jpg(6) Pieces of Very Colorful Ohio Pottery, Include: 2- Small Dishes, 4" x 4"; 4- Small Planters, 3"W x 2"H
Condition: Good
Section: 3-F
3033t.jpgLarge Limoges Covered Dish, Haviland France
Measurement: 9 1/2"W x 5"H
Condition: Has Wear in Glaze
Section: 3-F
3051t.jpgBlue Willow Pattern Shenango Platter, 12 1/2"W; (4) Blue Willow Cups, 9"H
Section: 3-F
3059t.jpg(3) Pieces of Colorful Ohio Pottery Wall Pockets with Ducks on Front
Measurement: 6"W x 5 1/2"H
Condition: Good
Section: 3-F
3065t.jpgHand Blown Glass Vase with Pulled Feather Design, Browns, 7"W x 15"H; Hand Blow Glass Blue and White Vase, 7"W x 10"H; (4) Blue Glass Pieces
Condition: All Good, No Chips
Section: 3-F
3083t.jpg1978 Collectible Plates by Anna Perenna, Series 1: "June Dream" and "Chun Li at the Pond", Carl and Carol Burgess, Two-Plate Set
Condition: No Chips or Cracks
Section: 3-F
19111t.jpg(2) Pyrex Dishes with Lids: No. 501 1 1/2-Cup and No. 503 1 1/2-Quart
Condition: Excellent Color and Lids
Section: 3-F
19104t.jpg(2) Pyrex Dishes: No. 501 1 1/2-Cup with Lid and No. 502 1 1/2-Pint Without Lid
Condition: Excellent Color and Lids
Section: 3-F
3113t.jpg1984 Deer and Bird, Signed
Measurement: 5 1/2"W
Section: 3-F
3119t.jpg(4) Kellogg's Nostalgia Collection Limited Edition Plates: 1987, 1988, 1990, and 1991
Section: 3-F
3125t.jpgLoon with Chick by J.B. Garton
Measurement: 9"W
Section: 3-F
3130t.jpgHeavy Blue Glass Paperweight/Candle Holder
Measurement: 5 1/2"Dia
Section: 3-F
7425t.jpgLuminarc Glasses, 7 1/4"H; Bride and Groom Josef Original, 7 1/2"H; Flow Blue Reticulated Plate; German Hat Pin Holder; (4) Hand Painted Old Napkin Ring Holders, 3 1/2"H; (4) Hutschenreuther Plates
Section: 3-F
7434t.jpgRoyal Doulton Bunnykins Mug; Royal Doulton Bone China Ballet Shoes Figurine, 4"H
Condition: All Good
Section: 3-F
7453t.jpgMisc. Older Johnson Bros Dinnerware, Kensington Platter, and Part of the Friendly Village Collection, Includes: (16) Cup and Saucer Sets; (3) Bread Plates, 6 1/4"Dia
Measurement: Kensington Platter- 12"W x 9 1/2"D
Section: 3-F
7462t.jpgCut Crystal Pitcher and Glass, 8"H, All Good; Antique Light Blue Staffordshire Plate, 9 1/2"Dia; London Pride Flaw Blue Hanley Plate, 10"Dia
Section: 3-F
7479t.jpgSalt and Pepper Shakers and Figures
Condition: Great
Section: 3-F
7488t.jpg(3) Decanters
Measurement: Up to 11"H
Section: 3-F
7504t.jpg(2) Ceramic Cats, Hand Painted, Small One Has Flowers Trimmed in Gold, Larger One Painted in Mexico
Measurement: 5 1/4"H and 2"H
Section: 3-E
7511t.jpgLarge Ceramic Pitcher, Cream and Ivory in Color
Measurement: 8"Dia x 11"H
Section: 3-E
7518t.jpgOlder Cat Salt and Pepper Shakers
Measurement: 4 1/2"H
Condition: One Stopper is Missing
Section: 3-E
7526t.jpgOvenware Bowl Set of (2) with Apple Design
Measurement: 5" and 6"Dia
Condition: Great
Section: 3-E

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