Category: ATTACHMENTS MOWERS V DITCHER AND VINEYARD PRUNER (6 records) March 14th (Wednesday) - STATEWIDE Farm/Construction/Municipality EQUIPMENT Online Auction - BIDDING OPENS 3/8 AND CLOSES WEDNESDAY MARCH 14, 2018 BEGINNING @ 7:00 P.M.
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716t.jpgPull-Type V Ditcher, Hydraulic Lift and Raise, Heavy Duty, One Owner
365t.jpgJohn Deere 673 Rototiller, 6' Wide, 3-Point
117t.jpgJohn Deere 757 Zero Turn 60" Commercial Mower, 858.7 Hours, Complete Service (Engine Oil, Oil Filters, New Blades, Greased), Ready for Season, Great Condition, Comes with Manual
290t.jpgMechanical / Hydraulic Vineyard Pruner / Hedger / Comber, Serial No. 0102, When Mounted on my New Holland TN90F and the Sickle Bars and Combers Raised, the Tallest Wire Could only be about 8’, Measured 8.5’ Clearance, but want to be Conservative. There is 4’ 2” of Cutting Bar with a Range of Cutting from that 8 to 8.5’ at the Top and therefore from 4 to 4.5’ from Ground Level, In its Lowered Position, it Would Cut from about 2’ off of the Ground to 6’ and therefore, Everything in Between, With Sickle Bars in Full Closed Position, there is 1’9” between Bars, With Sickle Bars in Full Opened Position, there is 2’7” between Bars, Purchased New at the End of December of 2001 from Special-T Farm and Equipment, Inc. (Formerly Friday Tractor), Hartford, Michigan and George Friday, (269-720-6942) Parts Available, Unit is Field Ready, I have added 10 Triangular Cutters to Each Combing Wheel and Behind the Wheel, Unit was Custom Designed to Accommodate Extra Wide Rows Beyond 9’ Spacing and Double Curtain, Of the 17 Years I’ve Owned this Unit, I’ve Used it Five Seasons Before Retiring from Vineyard Farming. I am Told by the Dealer in 2013 that New, My Unit would Sell for Around $16,000, In Addition to the Field Ready Unit and Mounting Bracket Designed to Fit a New Holland TN90 or TN95 Narrow Row Tractor, I have the Following Extra Parts, with Receipts: O-Rings for Flow Control Valve; Tie-Rod Ends (TR-8Y) 6 @ $25 each; Housing and Bearing for Parker Hydraulic Motors (UCFL204-12), 2 @ $30 to $60 Each, Depending on the Supply House; An Extra 16, Gates #4657-0127 Steel Wire Reinforced Hoses at $5.00 Each, Cut to Order at 12 to 13 Inches Long, These are Used to Hold the Nylon Fingers and Attach to Combers; (219) 1/2” by 22” Natural Nylon, (606) Annealed Combing Fingers Cut to Length at $3.35 Each; Many Cans of Silicone Spray for Cutting Rails and Blades, Combers may be Used Independently of the Sickle Cutting Bars and without the Sickle in Use, By use of the Toggle Switch in the Cab, the Rotation of the Combing Wheels Revolves either Clockwise or Counterclockwise, Depending on the Best Results and your Strategy
667t.jpg2006 John Deere 102, T-Speed Manual Transmission, 42" Deck with Mulch Kit, 17 HP Briggs & Stratton Engine, Good Blades and Runs Well
638t.jpg5' Brush Hog, 3-Point, Blades Just Sharpened, Comes with PTO Shaft

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