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368t.jpg1950 Farmall M, New Battery, Rebuilt Carb, Refurbished Gas Tank, Comes with Duals, 7' Back Blade, 3-Point Hitch, Drawbar, Straight Sheet Metal
300t.jpgFord 4610 Tractor with 5610 Diesel Engine, Was Only Used at Apple Harvest for 10 Acres of Apples and Other Miscellaneous Situations and has set on that Satellite Farm its Entire Life, The Tractor was Purchased New in 1989 for $18,900, Through the 2010 Apple Harvest (My Last Season), this Tractor Accumulates 50 to 60 Hours a Season, I Installed its First Brand New Radiator, Battery Tray, Tie Rod End and Starter in Fall 2010 after Harvest, The Shop is Currently (Fall 2010) Installing its First New Clutch Plate, By the Book, the 3-Cylinder Engine HP is Rated at 63 and the PTO at 52 HP, The PTO has Dynamo-Metered at 63 HP and I have Work Invoices to Substantiate That, This Tractor has a 4-Cylinder Ford 5610 Diesel Engine (Not a 4610 Engine), which was an Upgrade from the Standard 3-Cylinder. The Front Fiberglass Pivot Hood/Shroud (That Lifts to Expose the Radiator) has been Cracked/Punctured for Years from an Apple Limb but I’ve Replaced It, It did Not Affect the Radiator, I have all of the Original Manuals and Literature, The Total Actual Hours on this Tractor is 1531, Drained Fuel Tank, Cleaned and Replaced Fuel Filters in 2017, The Rear Tires are 14.9 x 28 and the Front Tires are 7.5L x 15, The Rear Tires are Loaded, Rubber is in Good Condition, Included in the Sale are One New and One Used 14.9 x 28 and One or Two New 7.5L x 15 Tires, Extra Filters, Extra New Tie Rod End, Rear Tire Side Guards, Front End Custom Made Weight and More, The Shop has Checked all Systems - Including Lighting, Hoses, Belts, “Idiot” Lights, Oil Reservoirs and any Engine Adjustments, It has Dual Hydraulic Quick Couplers (x4), Two Most Recent Repair Invoices are Available Totaling Over $1500, Field Ready
947t.jpgInternational Harvester Farmall 504 Gas Tractor, 46 HP, Live PTO, 3-Point, 1-Hydraulic, Power Steering, Front Weight, 13.6-38 Rears at 80%, Good Solid Tractor
51t.jpgKubota M7060 Tractor with Kubota LA1154 Loader, Only 63 Hours!, Dual Remote, Air Ride Seat, No Hard Usage, Too Big for What is Was Bought For, Great Tractor, Purchased New $80,000, Like New!
506t.jpg2006 John Deere 9420 Tractor, 5607 Engine Hours, Serial No. RW9420P040415, 18/6 Powershift Transmission, Active Seat, Buddy Seat, HID Lights, 710/70R42 Firestone Tires at 50%, 2800 lbs. Front Weights, 2800 lbs. Rear Weights, 4- Remotes, Bareback
996t.jpgJohn Deere 4620 Tractor, 9000 Hours, 3- Outlets, A/C May Need Charged, Runs Great
318t.jpg1996 Case International Harvester 7240 FWD Tractor, 7264 Hours, 320/50 Tires at 70%, Clean Tractor, Serviced and Ready for Work, Bought New, Everything Works, Nice Condition, Tanks NOT Included
270t.jpgNew Holland TN90F Diesel Tractor, 2WD with Cab, 16-Speed Transmission, Approx. 2850 Hours, Good Rubber Front and Back, Except for Recharging the A/C Once, No Problems with the Tractor, 4/29/10 the A/C Fan went out and has been Replaced - Invoice Available, No Oil Leaks, Dealer Installed Valve Stems on the Rear Drive Tires Replaced with the Appropriate Brass Valve Stems, Charcoal Air Filters, Hydraulic Filter, Fuel Filter and Both Air Filters are Changed Every Spring, Oil and Filter Changed Every 100 Hours, Tractor is Greased Approx. Every 16 Hours of Running Time, Used Exclusively for Spraying During that Season and a Mechanical Grape Trimmer and Comber is Mounted in the Fall and Winter Months, Mechanical Vineyard Pruning is Done at 1.3 to 2.5 MPH in Low Gears and Approx. 1400 RPMS, Spraying is Done at 5 MPH, B/Low Range, Fourth Gear and 2330 RPMS, 6- Front End Weights Included but Not Pictured Since the Pruner Mount is Attached Year Around, Comes with the “Bonus” Repair Manual and Service and Parts Manual (Over 1000 Pages) that I Purchased for $700 in addition to the Standard/Gratis Owner's Manual, Manuals Serve Both the TN90 and TN95, Tractor was Purchased New in the Spring of 2001, Only Myself and Right Hand Man of 20 Years have Operated the Tractor, The Hours on the Tractor are Split Pretty Evenly Between the Spraying and the Mechanical Pruning, Rear Tires are Loaded, Tractor is Routinely Power Washed, Everything is in Great Working Order and Cosmetically Correct, PTO HP is Rated at 85 HP (per the Book, but I've had a Dyno Run at 92 HP), Routinely Pulled a 400-Gallon Sprayer Full of Mix Up a Steady Incline of 15% with Short Distances of 20% without Losing any Significant Ground Speed or Fan Power, Tractor Maxes out at 2500 RPMS and Since Ran Around 2330 there was always a Little Extra for the “Hills”, Last Spring, with Water Standing 6 to 8 Inches in Parts of My Apple Orchards, I was Surprised that I Never got Stuck while Spraying, Extra Set of New Front Rubber (One Wheel and Perhaps Two Tires), Included: Extra Sets of New Charcoal Filters ($150 to $175 Value for Each Set) and Other New Filters, New Battery, Field Ready
357t.jpg2013 John Deere 4720 Compact Tractor with 400 X Loader, 390 Hours!, Quick Attach, 3-Point Hitch, Auxiliary Hydraulic
1001t.jpg2012 John Deere 8310R Tractor, 4438 Hours, New Goodyear 480/80R50 Tires, Duals Front and Back, Very Nice and Clean Tractor
943t.jpgInternational 1086 Tractor, 7734 Hours, 130 HP, 3-Point, 3-Hydraulic Outlets, 540/1000 PTO, Good T.A., 18.4-38 Radial Rears at 85%, 18.4-38 Duals at 20%, Cab is in Good Condition, Has AM/FM, Fan Works but Air Does Not Work, Overall Good Condition
954t.jpgJohn Deere 4955 Tractor, 9326 Hours, Just Overhauled 25 Hours Ago Summer 2017, LED Lights all the Way Around, Well Maintained
10t.jpg2004 John Deere 7920 MFWD, 5025 Hours, Serial No. RW7920D013748, IVT Transmission, 4- Hydraulic Remotes, 540/1000 PTO, 3-Point Quick Hitch, 420/80R46 Firestone 23 Degree Radial Rear Tires and Duals Approx. 60%, 320/85R34 Firestone 23 Degree Radial Front Tires Approx. 20%, Buddy Seat, Flasher, 10- Front Weights, All Service Done, Great Tractor
71t.jpgJohn Deere 4640 Tractor, 4275 Hours, 3-SCV's, Powershift, 18.4 R42 at 90%, Less Than 2000 Hours on Factory Remanufactured Engine, Rebuilt Pump and Injector, Quick Hitch, New Air Seat, Very Nice Tractor
806t.jpg2002 John Deere 9520 Tractor, 6469 Hours, 800/70R38 Tires, Engine was Rebuilt Three Years Ago by Tri-County Equipment, 5-Hydraulic Outlets, 3-Point Hitch is NOT Included, (Blade Selling Separately as Item 166)
605t.jpgJohn Deere 9400 Tractor, 6700 Hours, Bareback, Good Condition
90t.jpg1970 John Deere 4020 Diesel Tractor with Duals, Great Running Tractor, Needs Nothing, Field Ready
379t.jpg1987 Case International 2594 Tractor with Duals, Front Weights, (4,400 Hours), Used as a Planter Tractor, Needs A/C Charged, Runs Well
629t.jpgAllis-Chalmer 5040 2WD Tractor, 3-Cylinder Diesel, 40 HP, 540 PTO, 3-Point, Rear Hydraulic Outputs, Could Use New Seat, Fuel Gauge Doesn't Work, Lights Don't Work, Runs Well
144t.jpg2015 Case International Harvester Steiger 370 HD, 2145 Hours, Serial No. BFF304323, 370 HP, Auto-Guide Ready, 8-New Firestone 520/85R42 Tires, No PTO or 3-Point, 10-Rear Weights, 4-Hydraulic Remotes
153t.jpg1988 Case International Harvester 7130 MFWD Tractor, 6687 Hours, Serial No. AJB0003467, Rear 20.5R42 at 85% Inside(Duals @ 90%), New Front 380/85R30 with Fenders, Full Weights, Quick Hitch, 3-Remotes, Radar, Large 1000 PTO, Good Paint, Clean Tractor, EZ-Steer Motor and Terrain Compensation Guidance System,
821t.jpg1999 Case MX 220 Tractor, Dynoed at 235 HP, New Pillar Says 752 Hours, Actual 7980 Hours, 3-Hydraulic Remotes, 44 GPM Hydraulic Pump, 1 3/4" 1000 PTO, 480/46 Rear Duals at 95%, R34 Fronts at 95%, Clean Interior, Powershift Transmission with 18 Forward and 3 Reverse
989t.jpg1990 John Deere 4455 2WD Tractor, 5800 Hours, 15-Speed Powershift, 540/1000 PTO, 3-Hydraulic Remotes, 3-Point Hitch, Front and Rear Weights, 20.8-42 Rear Duals and Tires, One Owner, Good and Clean Cab and Interior, Paint is Excellent, Well Maintained, Sharp Tractor
918t.jpg1997 John Deere 8300 MFWD Tractor, Showing 4445 Hours, Canadian Tractor, MFWD Works Perfect, Shifts Perfect, New 18.4R46 Alliance, 14.9R34 Fronts at 30%, 4-Hydraulic Remotes, 3-Point with Quick Hitch, Full Weight Package, Very Dry Engine, No Oil Leaks, Very Clean, Strong Runner,
964t.jpgJohn Deere 9300 Tractor, 9552 Hours, New Muffler, New Batteries One Year Ago
841t.jpg451 Case Engine, Runs Well, Tachometer is Broken
797t.jpgJohn Deere 3010 Gas Engine Rebuild Parts, New Genuine John Deere Parts, Includes: (4) Sleeves with Preloaded Pistons, Complete Seal Kit, Crank Seal, (4) Wrist Pins with Bearings, All New Head Bolts with Washers

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